How does it work?

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Use in 4 steps

Step 1: Create an account
To use our webshop, you must first create an account.

Step 2: Account approval
We will approve your account as soon as possible. You will receive an email when the account has been approved.

Step 3: Place your order
Account approved? View our range and place your order.

Step 4: Delivery
The placed order will be processed and delivered to your delivery address.

Order management Exotics Plaza

Exotics Plaza works with short links, and imports directly from the source, so we can guarantee the best quality products.
How can I easily contact you?

You can contact us in several ways:

  • By telephone, go to the contact page of the webshop.
  • By email, use the info email stated on the contact page of the webshop.
Is it possible for private individuals to create an account with you on the webshop?

At the moment it is not possible for private individuals to create an account with us on the webshop.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Secure payment with invoice, if approved.

How does shipping and delivery work for you?

One delivery time on Wednesday.
Thursday before 10:00 PM.

Steps explained

STEP 1: Create an account
To use Exotics Plaza you must create an account. When the account is created and approved by us in the system, it is possible for you to see the prices and to place your order. We aim to approve the account within one working day.

When creating the account, we ask for the following information: Chamber of Commerce number, VAT identification number, Company name, Telephone number, Email, Delivery & billing address and Contact details.

STEP 2: Account approval
Before you can use the webshop, the account must be approved by us in the system. We may contact you during this process if further information is required from our side. When all information has been entered correctly, we approve the account and you can make use of our webshop. We aim to approve the account within 15 minutes.

STEP 3: Place your order
View our range and easily place your order. After placing your order, we import your selected products. We import directly from the source, which allows us to guarantee a fresh delivery. The products are delivered to the door of your delivery address.

STEP 4: Delivery
We currently have 1 fresh delivery time per week (on Tuesday). If you place an order before 10:00 PM on Thursday, you will receive delivery on Wednesday the following week.