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Jackfruit is becoming increasingly popular in more and more countries. In the United States, in India but also in the Netherlands, this fruit is increasingly eaten. This is because in addition to being healthy and delicious, the fruit is also very versatile in the kitchen. For example, you have the ripe variety that is reminiscent of a fresh mango and the unripe variety that is reminiscent of tofu. When you see the huge fruit in the store you will recognize it immediately! It is a large fruit with a thick green skin with spines (See, Photo).

A fun fact, the Guinness World Record for the heaviest jackfruit weighs 42.72KG. This makes the Jackfruit the largest fruit in the world!

What is jackfruit?

Jackfruit, also known as Nangka is a huge large green fruit that can sometimes weigh over 40 pounds. The fruit is native to Asia and to be more specific it comes from beautiful Sri Lanka. In addition, you can also find the fruit in the jungles of Indonesia, Malaysia, India and the Philippines.

Unripe Jackfruit

Unripe Jackfruit is eaten as a vegetable and is the ideal meat substitute. The unripe flesh is white in color and has the texture of meat. Because the white flesh easily absorbs flavor, you can incorporate it into a lot of dishes.

Ripe Jackfruit

Ripe jackfruit is eaten as a fruit and has a very sweet taste that can be compared to mango.

Where can you buy Jackfruit?

In the Netherlands, you can buy Nangka mainly in the Asian toko’s and supermarkets. Because this fruit belongs to the fruit category, you can often find it on the fruit shelf of the relevant toko or supermarket. Be careful which Nangka you buy, as there are two varieties. For example, the Ripe and the Unripe fruit are available which both have different flavors.


For example, if you want to eat vegetarian or vegan more often, the Nangka is the perfect fruit that you can incorporate into almost any dish. In the most famous recipes, you can easily replace the meat with the Unripe Jackfruit. There are a lot of different recipes with this special fruit, we show below the 7 most fun and delicious dishes:

  • Spicy Nangka with mixed coleslaw.
  • Spicy Nangka with endive.
  • Pulled Nangka sandwich.
  • Nangka Burger with coleslaw and BBQ sauce.
  • Nachos with Nangka.
  • Patties of stew with Nangka.
  • Thai green curry with Nangka.


Order the special Jackfruit now and soon enjoy the many benefits this exotic fruit has to offer. Would you like more information about the Nangka or do you have any questions about it? Then you can contact us quickly and easily by sending us a WhatsApp message, contacting us by phone or simply filling out our contact form. Our customer service team is available Monday through Sunday to assist you further.

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